Most of us want our first computer to do all the calculations of no deco limits for us, show us how deep we are, how long we've been in the water and let us plug in a Nitrox mix so that when we realise how epic Nitrox is (it really, really is) we don't have to buy a new computer.

Enter the Scubapro Aladin One! This latest version of the infinitely imitated Aladin series does all of that in an affordable and stylish package. This particular variation comes as a triple console and includes a clear, easy to read SPG and the Scubapro FS1.5 compass.

Aladin One Triple Console

$749.00 Regular Price
$719.00Sale Price
  • Features:

    • Nitrox compatible (up to 50%) so perfect for recreational divers.

    • Backlight for night diving or dark water.

    • Visual and audible alarms to keep you alerted.

    • Safety stop timer keeps you informed during your stop.

    • User replaceable battery, so no horrors about your computer going flat in some far flung dive location!

    • 25 hours of dive log storage so you won't lose your dives if you forget your logbook!

    • SPG reads up to 300 BAR, so compatible with all cylinders you'll be using.

    • SPG and compass have a fluro coating so that, if you shine your dive torch on them, they'll glow in the dark! Perfect for night dives.

    • Southern Hemisphere FS 1.5 Compass (yes, they are different)!

    • Includes High Pressure hose.

  • Available for in store pick up.