Free diving masks sit closer to the face making them less bulky than normal snorkel and dive masks. 

Scuba Max's Arc is extremely low volume mask with a small frame which allows the lenses to be close to your eyes to create a wider view. This was achieved by using multiple direct injection techniques to minimize the frame distance. The small frame design reduces resistance in the water. Comes with a skirt mounted all direction silicone buckle system to accommodate all sizes and shapes of the face. Comparable to a frameless mask. Also great for free diving and spear fishing. 

ARC Free Diving Mask

  • Mask has ultra-clear tempered glass dual lenses and low profile, easy-adjust strap buckles. The Arc has a double feathered edge silicone rubber skirt and wide split strap design for an excellent seal on the face. Easy access one hand nose pocket for ear equalization. The reverse teardrop lens design provides excellent downward vision. Mask come with a protective mask box.

  • Available for in-store pickup.