Very low volume and exceptional field of vision.



Compact skirt design to fit narrower face shapes
Unrivalled panoramic vision
Specific design considerably reduces the internal volume (127 cm3), while offering a panoramic field of vision, a clearer upward view and high luminosity
Rimless, with the skirt moulded directly onto the glass. Reduced mask volume and weight, with perfect sealing and increased toughness
High degree of comfort thanks to micrometric adjustment buckles situated on the hypoallergenic silicon skirt

Beuchat Maxlux Mask

  • - Low Profile makes it a great Freediving AND Scuba Diving mask

    - Color coordinate with your gear with the wide range of color selection, or blend in with your environment with the earthy colors

    - Its low profile also gives you an exceptional feild of vision underwater. 

    - Solf silicon for extra comfort 

    - Soft nose, making it easier to equalize 

    - Recommended for underwater photography / video 


  • Available for pick up.