Full faced mask, ideal for holiday away and Tropical destinations!
We only have size Large/Adult in colour Black, Black/Orange and Black/Blue.

Small Adult in Black colour only and Kids in Pink colour only.

* Comes with a Go-pro mount

* Dual sealing design

* Non-toxic odor

* Made of medical silicone 

*Great quality 

*Very comfortable and easy to wear.

*Please DO NOT tooth paste the lens !!

*We can fit you with the correct size in store, or using your facial measurements.

*Great for people who dislike not being able to breath through normal snorkeling masks.

*Dry snorkel prevents water from coming in. 

*Total 180 degree view.

*Available in rounded lenses for kids - Sm Adult - Adult styles.  

Full Face Snorkel Mask

  • For sizing, please measure from the the bottom of your Chin, to the base of the brow.

    Kids size are 8.5 - 10 cm. Rounded Lens Only

    Small Adult : 10-12 cm.  Rounded Lenses 

    Adult: > 12 cm. Rounded and Flat lenses


    Colours & Sizes available:  Pink or Blue  (Kids, rounded lens), 
    Pink (SM Adult, flat lens) Black (SM Adult, rounded lens) or Black/Red, Black/Blue or just Black ( Adult, rounded lens) 

  • Available for in-store pickup.