The purpose of the "dry" design is to keep water from entering the breathing tube while the snorkel is in active use. This is achieved by a valve at the top of the snorkel. When you dive under and the top of the snorkel goes below the waterline, the mechanism will seal the breathing tube to prevent water from entering. When the top of the snorkel returns above the waterline, it opens again allowing air to flow freely. This snorkel also has a plastic shroud around it which acts as a water deflector or splash guard. It is meant to keep water from entering from spray or splashing. Snorkels include a purge valve to get rid of water or spit buildup.

ScubaMax's new snorkels have the dry top and the purge valve system but every exhalation is directed out of the purge valve rather than going out of the top of the snorkel. The reasoning behind this feature is that you get fresh air with every inhalation rather than rebreathing carbon dioxide that you just exhaled.

Scuba Max Dry Snorkel

  • Colors come in Blue/Black, Red/Black, Silver/Black, and Neon Yellow


    Seal-Dry Pro III is one of the best selling snorkels that we have in our product list. This product comes with a purge system.

    Silicone Material: The mouthpiece and corrugated flexible tube are made from the premium silicone material. With this special silicone material, the user feels more comfortable when they bite on the mouthpiece. The silicone corrugated flexible tube can adapt to any angle depending on the shape of your face.

    Total Sealed Dry-Top: This technology prevents water from entering the snorkel as the snorkeler dives underwater. 

    Adjustable Position Snorkel Keeper: The new buckle system has an open-able cover that easily attaches or detaches. And the top and bottom push buttons can release itself with the snorkel piece.

  • Available for pickup.