1. ScubaMax Altima BCD (non-integrated) 

*Option to upgrade to fully weight Integrated BCD (Plus $100)*

2. Akona Quantum streatch wetsiut (7mm)

3. ScubaMax Regulator: 1st & 2nd Stage (unbalanced) + Octo

4. XS Scuba Console (with depth and air guage)


*PLEASE confirm your choice with us via email*

Scuba Max Package #1

$1,683.99 Regular Price
$1,515.59Sale Price
BCD Size
Wetsuit Size
Regulator: Second Stage
Upgrade Option
  • 1. ScubaMax Altima BCD: 

    The Altima features an integrated sealed and sewn backpack with contoured foam back pad; adjustable tank location strap; LP hose inflator system; high-lift air cells with internal gussets that increase mobility and reduce stress; a dump valve with rapid exhaust feature; multiple D-rings for accessories; adjustable side-release shoulder buckles; a large zipper pocket; two 5lb fixed weight pockets and an adjustable depth compensation cummerbund with 1.5" front closure.

    2. Akona Quantun streatch wetsuit: 

    (See mens/ladies sizing for reference)

    • 7mm
    • Super-stretch neoprene for extreme comfort.
    • Glued and blind stitched inside and out. 
    • Glide skin seal at neck, wrists & ankles (enter and exit the suit with ease).
    • Unique zipper design: rubber strips to create a water resistant closure.

    3. ScubaMax Regulator 1st & 2nd stage: 

    • Non-adjustable 2nd stage. 
    • Includes Unbalanced 1st stage
    • New stylish purge cover design. 
    • Reliable, easy to use. 
    • Great trusted USA brand. 
    • COLORS: Black or Yellow

    4. XS Scuba Console (depth and air guage): 

    • XS Scuba's Combo Console is a low profiled and ergonomically designed to fit in the hand comfortably, and is easy to read at a glance
    • Both gauges are packaged in a noncorrosive thermoplastic boot that is impact resistant and durable.
    • Depth gauge equiped with a 0' to 200' readout and maximum depth indicator needle.
    • The MDNI will remain at the maximum depth reached for the duration of the dive to indicate the diver's deepest depth reached during the dive (for later calculations for repetitive dives).
    • Highly accurate Pressure Gauge. Reads pressure up to 5000 psi and features a thermometer for temperature readings. 
    • Both guages have high visibility graphics with bright red indecators.
    • Comes with a 36" (91.4 cm) high pressure hose.
  • Pickups available. 

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