Masks are a very personal choice, and the options can be huge! If we're honest, most of us just want something that is very comfortable, hard wearing and looks at least 159.99 stylish! 

The Scubapro Synergy 2 Trufit mask is a twin window mask with Scubapro's unique "trufit" silicone system. See, what makes a mask comfortable is soft and flexible silicone. But, soft and flexible silicone is not really ideal when you need structural strength. The trufit silicone skirt tackles this head on by giving you that super soft silicone where your face makes contact with the mask, but then ads a tougher compound of silicone for areas that needs the strength. You can see this in action from the unique ribbed design on the masks skirt itself. 

Scuba Pro Synergy Twin Lens Mask

$159.99 Regular Price
$149.99Sale Price
    • New-generation Trufit technology uses two skirts for creating a comfortable, watertight seal.
    • Main skirt offers a thin and soft silicone material for the best possible fit, seal and comfort against the skin.
    • Outer skirt, made with firmer silicone, provides support and rigidity where needed.
    • Trufit technology can be identified by its unique ribbing texture.
    • Ultra-clear glass provides a bright and clear view of the underwater world.
    • Quick-release buckles attach to tabs on the skirt to optimize range of motion when dialing in fit.
    • Buckle tabs are flexible, enabling the mask to be folded flat for traveling.
    • A choice of black or clear skirts lets you match your mask to your individual diving style.
    • Mask frame is spray painted for that premium look.
  • Available for in store pick up.