The BC-2000 Altima is ScubaMax's entry level BC, but still highly competent BC.

The Altima features: 

*An integrated sealed and sewn injected molded backpack with contoured foam back pad; adjustable tank location strap; 

*LP hose inflator system; high-lift air cells with internal gussets that increase mobility and reduce stress; a dump valve with rapid exhaust feature;

*Multiple D-rings for accessories; adjustable side-release shoulder buckles; a large zipper pocket; two 5lb fixed weight pockets and an adjustable depth compensation cummerbund with 1.5" front closure. 

ScubaMax Altima JX2000 BCD

$489.00 Regular Price
$415.00Sale Price
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

    XS- 27 LBS
    S-   31 LBS
    M-   38 LBS
    L-    49 LBS
    XL- 61 LBS

  • Available for pick-up.

    Location: 2 Ara-Tai, Half Moon Bay, Auckland 2012

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