Weither you like your gear to be as streamlined as possible, you want to reduce weight and spares for an overseas trip, or you're just a bit 'old school' and don't really want one of these new fangled occys but your relatives have all learnt to dive now and are bugging you to update? (P.S. way to go for being open to gear developments and for getting your family in the water!)

If any of these sound familiar then the Scubapro Air 2 is the occy for you! Combining your Occy and your BCD inflator into one unit, the Air 2 streamlines your gear and simplifies your configuration. Scubapro invented this style of combo almost 30 years ago, so you know you can trust their system!

In the event of an emergency you simply pass your primary 2nd stage to the out of air diver, and pop the Air 2 into your mouth. It's well worth practising this a couple of times in shallow water with your buddy, just to get used to the process.

ScubaPro Air 2 5th Generation

$435.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price
    • Test-proven breathing performance is even better than some 'normal' regs on the market!

    • New dive/pre-dive switch enables you to 'detune' the unit when not in use, eliminating free flows. No worries if you forget to switch as it'll still work if needed!

    • Flexible purge cover is easy to locate and depress - no worries if you're wearing gloves.

    • Power inflate and deflate buttons are positioned on top of the housing when the AIR2 is in your mouth, simplifying buoyancy control if you do have a dive emergency.

    • Power inflate and deflate buttons can be differentiated by color and touch, reducing the chance of 'oopsy wrong button' moments when stressed.

    • Large bite tabs on the mouthpiece guarantee a secure grip in high-stress situations.

    • CE certified EN250 as a second stage regulator.

    • Includes high flow BCD / Regulator hose to replace your current one and provide maximum air flow for when you need it!
  • Available for pickup.