This is a huge package deal that we, Epic Scuba, can offer cooperating with ScubaPro. The packege includes Seawing Nova Fins, a choice of Spectra, Spectra 2, Synergy, or Synergy 2 Mask, and a Spectra Snorkel (all available in a range of colors). The price of Nova fins on their own are $380.00, the mask is $149.99, and the snorkel would be another $65.00. You can get this whole set for a little more than the price of the fins alone. 



  1. Nova Fins
  2. Option of Synergy Twin OR Synergy 2 Mask or Zoom mask
  3. Spectra Snorkel

ScubaPro Mask, Fins, and Snorkel Deal

$594.00 Regular Price
$520.00Sale Price
Fin Color
Snorkel Color
Mask Color
  • 1. NOVA FINS:

    Some divers love a blade fin, because of the power it can produce when kicking hard. Some divers love a split fin because of the easy, relaxed kicking style that feels like you're not even wearing fins. Wouldn't it be great if some clever brand made a fin with the best of both worlds...

    The Scubapro Seawing Nova II fins are a superb, multi award winning fin that does evactly that! Providing the performance of a blade fin, with the reduction in workload that comes with a split fin was no easy task, but Scubapro have managed and created this unique option! 

    The Seawing Nova II features Scubapro's unique articulated hinge design. This system allows as much of the blade to stay flat - it doesn't bend like a traditional blade fin. This increases the surface area that is providing propulsion, which means more power! 

    However, this hinge design ensures that, as the blade 'snaps' back to it' natural position you need minimal leg power when compared with a traditional blade fin. And don't worry, with Scubapro's Monprene material being used to make the whole fin you won't have any 'snapping' of the bad kind!

    2. MASK: 

    • Ultra-clear dual lens design is low volume for easy clearing plus offers maximum field of view.
    • Lenses are made from tempered glass for safety and long-term durability.
    • Universal skirt design is super comfortable and fits a variety of face shapes.
    • Push-button buckles that attach to the skirt adjust easily to achieve a perfect fit.
    • EZ Equalize nose pocket makes simple work of equalizing.
    • Mirrored lens option delivers a glare-free view of the underwater world.
    • Bold frame colors include stylish duotones.


    Scubapro Spectra Snorkel has been designed in a range of colours that perfectly match the Spectra and Spectra mini masks, so that you can keep your gear all colour coded! 

    • Semi-dry top design to minimise water ingress
    • Large bore tube for easy breathing
    • Flexible corrugated joint to keep the snorkel out the way when not in use
    • Comfortable 'regulator style' mouthpiece
    • Purge valve for easy clearing
  • Available for in store pick up.