1. Hydros BCD Pro in black

2. Everflex 7/5mm

3. MK25&S600 Evo (balanced first and second stage)

4. R095 Octo

*Option to upgrade Octo to Intergrated Air 2 (Plus $100)*

5. Aladin H Martrix Computer

* Option to upgrade to a Sherwood Wisdom 3 Dive Computer (Plus $300)


*PLEASE confirm your choice with us via email*

ScubaPro Hardware Pack

$4,607.00 Regular Price
$4,100.00Sale Price
BCD Color: Black

    • Ultra Durable: Extremely resistant to UV, chemicals and abrasion.
    • Fabric-free harness uses no velcro or zippers.
    • Instant Dry: Ideal for travel due to less water retention and lower post-dive weight.
    • "BC-4-Life": Customizable to add/remove weight systems, straps and pouches. Extended lifespan due to simplified repairs. Virtually every component, including buckles, can be replaced without stitching.
    • 3D Design: Conforms to your body shape for maximum comfort.
    • Lightweight
    • Neutrally Buoyant: requires less weight, resulting in better buoyancy control and more enjoyable diving.
    • Body Grip Gel: Prevents BC from shifting and riding up.
    • Dual-Compound Backplate: Provides the ultimate in stability and comfort. Single tank band system allows for easier assembly.
    • Torso Flex Zone: Auto-adjusts to your torso length for excellent comfort and freedom of movement.
    • Articulated Shoulder Straps: Allow straps to adjust to your body shape to achieve a snug fit.
    • Kit-Up Assist: Holds shoulder straps open for easy donning.
    • Cross-Flow Channel: Unrestricted internal airflow reduces air trapping for enhanced maneuverability and easy deflation at any angle.
    • Buckle Weight System: Simple, safe and reliable quick-release buckles offer a fixed location for easy one-hand operation.
    • Multi-Mount Accessory Matrix: Multiple D-Rings and mounting points for a knife + light + SMB + hoses + crotch strap and much more.
    • Smart-Pack Design: Folding shoulder and waist straps pack into the wing, creating an unbelievably compact package for easy transport and storage.
      Size                        Lift    (lb/kg)

      Men -- S                 36/16.3

      Men -- M                40.5/18.3

      Men -- L                 40.5/18.3

      Men -- XL-2XL       40.5/18.3
      Women -- XS/S     36/16.3

      Women -- M          36/16.3

      Women -- L           40.5/18.3


    • Maximum durability.
    • Contoured hard buckle securely locks down the tank.
    • Air cell in back, providing exceptional freedom of movement while decreasing hydro-drag by reducing bulk.
    • Three-dump deflation system allows you to dump air from a variety of underwater positions.
    • Compression straps rein in the air cell when it is deflated and contribute to optimum volume control.
    • Rotating quick-release shoulder buckles allow you to optimize the routing of your shoulder straps to maximize fit.
    • A redesigned cargo pocket minimizes bulk while maximizing cargo-carrying capability.
    • Soft neoprene neck roll and padded back pad enhance comfort during long dives.
    • Padded cummerbund compensates for suit compression, maintaining a snug fit at varying depths.
    • Ergonomic harness allows for even load distribution.
    • Quick-release integrated weight system pouches accommodate 10 to 12 pounds each (depending on size) and secure with oversized buckles.
    • Two rear trim pouches counterbalance the front ballast weight to create a well-balanced swimming position.
    • Four pre-bent stainless steel D-rings provide convenient clip-on points for additional gear.


    The Aladin H MX is a fully air integrated dive computer console. This means you'll find all of the information that you need during your dive like depth, time, remaining gas and a digital compass all in this single, compact unit.

    The top 2/3rds of the screen is an easy to read display so the essentials like your depth and time are there at a glance, while the lower 1/3rd is a dot matrix display, allowing more detailed information such as a digital compass.

    • Accommodates three gases for those into technical diving.
    • Algorithm calculates remaining bottom time and estimates workload based on breathing rate.
    • PDIS calculates an intermediate stop based on nitrogen loading, previous dives and breathing mixes for safer diving.
    • Microbubble levels let you adjust the level of conservatism in the algorithm to match your experience level, age and physical conditioning.
    • Two Dive modes: Scuba, Gauge.
    • Maximum operating depth: 394ft/120m.
    • Active back light.
    • Visual and audible alarms.
    • Battery life rated for two years/300 dives.
    • Dive logs can be stored and analyzed via new Bluetooth 4.0 technology.


    • Deliver a superior combination of warmth and flexibility.
    • Fewer seams and panels for maximum flexibility.
    • Outer seams are durable and watertight, and Inner seams are comfortable against bare skin.
    • Longer suit life.
    • Inner lining's water-draining material enhances cold-water protection.
    • Back zipper offers long-term durability and ease of use.
    • Glideskin seals at the wrist, ankles and neck minimize water intrusion.
    • Feature double zippered seals at ankle and wrists.
    • New neck zipper aids in donning and doffing and enhances comfort between dives.
    • Compression-molded zipper flap/spine pad reduces water entry and increases back protection.
    • Tatex knee and shoulder pads offer protection against abrasion.
    • Seat area is also protected with an abrasion-resistant outside lining to increase durability and extend the life of the suit.
    • Lady size Chest Waist Hip Height Weight
      X-S 79-84 53-58 81-86 157-163 50-52
      S 84-89 58-64 86-91 160-165 50-57
      M 89-94 64-69 91-97 163-168 54-61
      L 94-99 69-74 97-102 165-170 59-66
      X-L 99-104 74-79 102-107 168-173 64-70
      XX-L 104-109 79-84 107-112 173-176 68-74
    • Men Size Chest Waist Hip Height Weight
      X-S 86-91 69-74 84-89 170-175 52-64
      S 91-97 74-79 89-94 173-78 61-79
      M 97-102 79-84 94-99 175-180 68-79
      M-Reg 102-07 84-89 99-104 175-180 79-91
      M-Tall 97-102 79-84 94-99 181-186 72-83
      L 102-107 84-89 99-104 180-85 77-89
      L-Reg 107-112 84-94 104109 180-85 89-91
      X-L 112-117 89-94 104-09 185-88 86-98
      XX-L 112-117 94-99 109-14 188-191 95-107
      XXX-L 117-121 99-104 114-19 191-194 109-17


    4. MK25 EVO and S600 Second Stage

    MK25 EVO First Stage:

    • Air balanced flow-through piston in a chrome-plated brass body provides constant and effortless airflow unaffected by depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate.
    • Fully isolated mechanical elements to block out the cold, increasing freezing resistance 30 percent over the previous MK25 without compromising breathing performance.
    • Bigger body and cap thread all work to improve cold-water performance.
    • Anti-freeze protection radically increases breathing reliability when diving in the most extreme water temperatures.
    • Two opposing high pressure ports allow the first stage to be positioned either up or down.
    • Five high-flow low pressure ports on a swivel turret maximize hose routing options.
    • Available in INT or DIN configurations.

    S600 Second Stage:

    • Metal valve housing (barrel) is able to withstand years of aggressive diving.
    • Balanced air smoothes out the inhalation effort when diving at varying depths and supply pressures.
    • User controls include a diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob and (VIVA) Dive/Pre-Dive switch.
    • Super-flow hose (larger inside hose diameter) allows more air to flow on each inhalation.
    • Ultra-comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece is easy to grip yet doesn't inhibit airflow.
    • Interchangeable purge covers

    5. R095 OCTO:

    • Simple, basic, light weight. 
    • Flexible purge botton that covers the entire front making it easy to find in an emergency situation 
    • Comes with standard yellow rubber hose, very tough and very reliable 
    • Light weight polymer makes it great for travel 
    • Exaust deflects air bubbles away from the face so you can still see what your doing
    • Very comfortable mouthpeice, and durrable (also comes with a reusable zip tie for either replacements or dispantal)
    • Color: Yellow 

    AIR 2:

    • Test-proven breathing performance is even better than some regs on the market!
    • New dive/pre-dive switch enables you to 'detune' the unit when not in use, eliminating free flows. 
    • Flexible purge cover is easy to locate and depress - easy even if you're wearing gloves.
    • Power inflate and deflate buttons are positioned on top of the housing when the AIR2 is in your mouth, simplifying buoyancy control if you are in an emergency.
    • Power inflate and deflate buttons can be differentiated by color and touch
    • Large bite tabs on the mouthpiece guarantee a secure grip
    • CE certified EN250 as a second stage regulator.
    • Includes high flow hose
  • Available for in store pick up.