• Simple, basic, light weight. 
  • Flexible purge botton that covers the entire front making it easy to find in an emergency situation 
  • Comes with standard yellow rubber hose, very tough and very reliable 
  • Light weight polymer makes it great for travel 
  • Exaust deflects air bubbles away from the face so you can still see what your doing
  • Very comfortable mouthpeice, and durrable (also comes with a reusable zip tie for either replacements or dispantal)
  • Color: Yellow 




key words: reg set, reculator, first stage, second stage, alternative air source, atl air, octo, octi

ScubaPro R095 Octopus

$370.00 Regular Price
$350.00Sale Price
  • You don't need a super fancy octo for everyday use, as most people don't need to use theirs unless it's an emergency. This is a cheeper version but still fulfills all the requirments of your normal octi.  

  • Available for instore pickup.