• Comes with its own case & Instructions.
  • Super soft silicone and unique tapered design creates a snug fit for most ears. Easy to insert and designed to stay in place.
  • Easy to hear through, innovative, ultra-thin membrane allows sound in, so you can chat to your mates in the line-up and stay connected to your surroundings. 
  • Hard to lose. Tested by big-wave surfers, the strong, stretchy neck cord means SEKI plugs are almost impossible to lose, even in heavy wipeouts.

Nothing should stop you surfing; it’s what you live for. But every year, tens of thousands of surfers worldwide are forced to have expensive, painful surgery for a totally preventable condition called ‘Surfer’s Ear’.

Surfer’s Ear is caused by overexposure to cold wind and water, stimulating bone growth (exostosis) in your ear canal.

It happens gradually so you don’t notice the damage being done. The results vary between recurrent ear infections, excruciating pain, costly surgical procedures and hearing loss.

Worst of all, you’ll spend weeks out of the water in recovery.

SEKI Ear Plugs, Surfing, Swimming, etc

  • Sponsors:
    Ricardo Christie (Open men's national champ)
    Maz Quinn (Over 45's national champ)
    Conor McLennan (Under 18's national champ)
    Jayden Willoughby (Billabong junior series winner-all three compatitions in under 14's)
    Indica Ratima (women's under 20 winner and 2 Billabong junior series competitions)

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