These longpants use a Chillproof/Neoprene hybrid design to provide maximum fit and mobility for watersports. Neoprene panels are used in the seat area and over the front of the thigh and knee area to provide more comfort for extended periods of sitting, more stretch for a better fit and protection from cold water splashes. The high rear waist provides comfort and warmth when in a seated position.



About Preformance Gear: 

The Performance range has been created with the help of competition athletes.
Chillproof material provides full protection from the elements, with flexible compression material allowing for maximum manoeuvrability during intense sports and neoprene for stretch and comfort. The different designs incorporate heavy-duty zippers to control heat retention and mesh panels for ventilation to allow for maximum performance as weather conditions change or as your heart rate climbs.

Sharkskin Performance Wear Padding Long-pants

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  • Size Charts:
                        MENS & UNISEX SHARKSKIN SIZING
    AUS/ U.S/ EURO    XXS    XS    S    M    L    XL    XXL    3XL    4XL    5XL
    HEIGHT (CM)    166-175cm    168.5-175.5cm    170.5-178cm    173-180.5cm    175.5-183cm    178-185.5cm    180.5-188cm    183-190.5cm    185.5-193cm    188-195.5cm
    WAIST (CM)    76cm    82cm    88cm    95cm    101cm    107cm    113cm    119cm    126cm    132cm
    HIPS (CM)    88cm    94cm    100cm    107cm    113cm    119cm    125cm    131cm    138cm    144cm
    THIGH (CM)    46cm    48cm    51cm    53cm    56cm    59cm    62cm    65cm    68cm    71cm

                        WOMENS SHARKSKIN SIZING
    AUS    6    8    10    12    14    16    18    20    22
    U.S.    00    02    04    06    08    10    12    14    16
    EURO    XXS    XS    S    M    L    XL    XXL    3XL    4XL
    HEIGHT (CM)    147-155cm    152.5-160cm    157.5-165cm    162.5-170cm    167.5-175.5cm    172.5-180.5cm    177.5-185.5cm    183-190.5cm    188.5- 195.5cm
    WAIST (CM)    62cm    68cm    74cm    80cm    86cm    93cm    99cm    105cm    110cm
    HIPS (CM)    90cm    96cm    102cm    109cm    114cm    121cm    127cm    133cm    139cm
    THIGH (CM)    47cm    49cm    52cm    55cm    57cm    60cm    62cm    65cm    68cm

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